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  • Copy questions to your writing journal or notepaper. 
  • View the video and read the article -  you may pause video as needed to answer the questions.

  • Simple Machines - Video aprox 18 minutes
    Simple Machines - Video aprox 18 minutes
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    Simple Machines

    1. Think about a simple machine you use every day or one you have used in the past? Compare your simple machine to one featured in the video.

    2. How do simple machines help make jobs easier for workers? Site examples from the video.

    3. Levers are a clever way to get work done. Can you think of a clever way to use a lever?

    Answer these questions from the article.

    4. The most basic machines are called simple machines. They are the __________ __________, the __________, the __________, the __________ and __________, the __________, and the __________.

    In a compound machine, forces and motion are transferred from one part to another.

    5. A bicycle is an example of a ____________ ____________.

    6. What part of the bicycle works like the crank of a wheel-and-axle machine.

    • Chain

    • Wheels

    • Pedal

    • Axle


    Answer from both the video and the article.

    7. Force and motion is mentioned in the article, the video explains how pivot, load, and effort are related.  How is force and motion related to “pivot, load, and effort”?  Use video and text based evidence in your answer.


    Simple Machines - Video aprox 18 minutes

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